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10 simple steps to Buy and Sell used cars For PROFIT

What’s the easiest profit making business that you can think about? Well, there are quite a few. Buying and Selling Cars is one of them. But, how to buy and sell cars? We will come to that part little later. Before that let’s have a quick run through the history. A few years back, used cars didn’t gain much attraction among the people. New cars were preferred over the used ones. But, things have changed over time.


New Cars are priced more than twice that of used cars. You can always buy an used one, polish and make them look like a new one. So, don’t worry about the looks. Speaking about the usage, you can tweak or replace some auto parts and make the interior fresh. Now, with all these mods used cars will cost you much lesser than a new one.

Let’s have a look at making profits in “Buy and Sell Cars” business. Here’s 10 simple steps and you will learn how to make profit easily out of it.

  1. Go, pay a visit to the reputed car dealers in and around your city
  2. Watch out for the Used cars that look neat and clean
  3. Enquire them about the usage of the car such as age of the car, model, mileage, etc.,
  4. Run a calculation about replacing the parts, if any required
  5. Buy the car and polish it up
  6. Time for another calculation. Sum up all the money you spent for the car (purchase, polishing, etc.,) and add your profit percentage (say some 20% to 30%)
  7. Post an advertisement in local magazines to sell your car
  8. Make a deal with the calls you receive for your ad
  9. Sign the best deal
  10. Enjoy the profits. Rinse & Repeat!

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