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6 Tips to Buy a Car

Everyone always have a desire to own a car, but it’s very important to know how to buy a car. Following are a few tips which you should consider before buying a car, new or used. These how to buy a car tips are not specific to brand or model, so that you can consider these tips irrelevant to the car you choose to buy.


How To Buy a Car?

1. Decide your car

Apart from choosing your desired brand & model, you must also consider the size of the car, how you’ve planned to use it, and other features. Whether it is new or used, you need to answer these questions to buy the best one for you.

2. Cost of the Car

There is no point in choosing a budget & having a desire for another car that doesn’t fit in your budget. You can handle this in 2 different ways:

  • Choose a budget & search for the car that suits all your needs (OR)
  • Choose your favourite car which you think will be the best for you & save your earnings to buy the one

Either way, you need to know your needs & the cost of the car. You can pay visit to the nearest showroom or check the prices on the internet. Either way, always go for comparison. Talk to the car sales agent from different trusted showrooms & go for the one that sounds like a good deal. This step needs more attention especially if you’re planning to go for a car loan or installments. In such case, you need to consider the interest rates too.

3. Inspect your Car

This is the most important tip among these 6 how to buy a car tips. You have to inspect the car even if it’s a brand new one. Go, have a close look for any paint cracks, tinkering, etc. If you’re buying an old car just don’t follow the promises given by the dealer. Take a car mechanic along with you to choose the car for you. Choose a few models you like & ask him to pick one for you. This way you’ll get expert assistance to buy the best car.

4. Check the History

If you are buying a second hand car, it is quite important to check the record history of the car. Make sure you check the following factors:

  • No cases booked on the car
  • The car is being sold by the first owner. This is because there are many second hand cars been sold where you’d become as third hand and you may have to worry about the poor performance of the car after a few weeks
  • Check whether the car was pledged
  • If the car was purchased acquiring a car loan, then make sure all the installments were paid & you get the NOC (No Objection Certificate)

5. Ask for a Test Drive

This in fact the best way to find whether the car is in good condition. Moreover, you’ve the right to test drive a car that you’re looking to purchase. When test driving, you will get to know the condition of the engine, brakes, speedometer, etc.

If you are buying a used car, ask for mileage check. Strike a deal with the dealer that you fill the gas to check mileage promised by him.

6. Watch out for the Best Deals

You wouldn’t have a complete knowledge of how to buy a car, if you don’t search for the best deals. Do not just rush into a showroom and buy the car you’re longing for. There are plenty of car companies out there offering the best discounts in the month of December, especially around the Christmas. Take advantage of their year-end car sales which would help you save a lot of money.

Always remember one thing: Drive Safe & Steady. We believe that these tips on how to buy a car would be of a great use to you.

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