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10 simple steps to Buy and Sell used cars For PROFIT

What’s the easiest profit making business that you can think about? Well, there are quite a few. Buying and Selling Cars is one of them. But, how to buy and sell cars? We will come to that part little later. Before that let’s have a quick run through the history. A few years back, used cars didn’t gain much attraction among the people. New cars were preferred over the used ones. But, things have changed over time.


New Cars are priced more than twice that of used cars. You can always buy an used one, polish and make them look like a new one. So, don’t worry about the looks. Speaking about the usage, you can tweak or replace some auto parts and make the interior fresh. Now, with all these mods used cars will cost you much lesser than a new one.

Let’s have a look at making profits in “Buy and Sell Cars” business. Here’s 10 simple steps and you will learn how to make profit easily out of it.

  1. Go, pay a visit to the reputed car dealers in and around your city
  2. Watch out for the Used cars that look neat and clean
  3. Enquire them about the usage of the car such as age of the car, model, mileage, etc.,
  4. Run a calculation about replacing the parts, if any required
  5. Buy the car and polish it up
  6. Time for another calculation. Sum up all the money you spent for the car (purchase, polishing, etc.,) and add your profit percentage (say some 20% to 30%)
  7. Post an advertisement in local magazines to sell your car
  8. Make a deal with the calls you receive for your ad
  9. Sign the best deal
  10. Enjoy the profits. Rinse & Repeat!

5 tips to buy a Car

Buying a Car can never be easy if you don’t have enough knowledge about it. Chances are high for you to get cheated with the price. So it is important to gain some knowledge about the car you want to buy. Here are the best 5 car tips that you cannot afford to miss. These car tips should help you a lot when buying a car.


Car Tips – Top 5 Tips

Car Tips – Buying a Car Online

Speaking about the car tips, if you are planning to buy a used car or a new car, it is a wise move to go online. Instead of visiting the local car dealers one by one, you can go online & look at the specs & features of the car before opting to buy that. When you go online for knowing about a car, you will gain lot more knowledge than inquiring a car dealer. A few websites provide an option to compare the cars. So, what you can do is make use of this option, and compare the a list of the cars you desire for, but confused of choosing one. Read the reviews and get tips & advices from the experts online before finalising one. Moreover, you can also request for a free car quote on almost all the websites that deal with buying and selling cars.


Car Tips – Lease or Buy a Car

If you are planning to lease a car, then remember that the lease value depends on the age of the car. The reason is, you will enjoy the best performance with a new car. Calculate the amount you are going to spend for leasing the car which includes the depreciation, interest and other additional fees, which vary with different leasing companies. If you want to lease the car in long term, then it’s better to buy a new car rather than leasing one.

Car Tips – Negotiate The Best You Can

This is actually one of the important car tips you should consider when buying a car. Do not hesitate to negotiate. After all, it is you who is going to pay for the car. Following this article, you must have already got free car quotes from many websites from a few nearby car dealers. With the quotes in your hand, negotiate to the car dealer the best you can. Failing to negotiate, you are letting the car dealer to make a huge profit with your deal.

But do not meet the dealer right away for negotiating. Talk to him over phone or communicate through emails until you find the dealer to get close the price you are willing the pay. If you are not convinced with a dealer, move on to the next one. He is not the end of the world.

When Should You Buy a Car?

Every single seller out there has a deadline that has to be met every quarter, and it’s every month for most of them. So, make your move towards the end of the month & demand for a low price. Tell him that you want to buy the car right away if he’s ok with the price you’ve quoted.

You can also consider festival seasons as the best days for buying a car. You will find plenty & wide range of offers from all the car dealers, during festive seasons. Give a shot to clinch the best car deal for you.

Buying a Car in Finance

It is important to know about different loans & other finance options that you can avail. If you are not aware of car loans, there are chances that a few car dealers would trick you by making you pay more than standard EMIs. So, it is not recommended to strike a loan deal with your car dealer.

One of the most important car tips on finance is, never borrow a loan which has EMIs that will last longer. There are loan agents who won’t give you an option for bulk payment if you want to close your loan. Discuss about this in the very beginning.

Follow all the car tips listed above, and enjoy your ride!