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12 Easy Tips To Increase Your Car Mileage

In the days ever rising fuel prices, the fuel bills are digging deep into the pockets of a common man. I’m going to share some practices which can get you more miles out of your fuel by increasing the fuel average or fuel mileage of your car.

Tip 1: Do not accelerate too fast

Too quick acceleration consumes too much fuel, accelerate slowly and gradually. That will save quite a significant amount of fuel in city driving.

Tip 2: Do not use clutch too much (Stick Shift Only)

If you use a manual transmission car, as is mostly used by people in India, do-not-drive with the clutch pressed, or use clutch only when needed, too much use of clutch will waste a lot of fuel.

Tip 3: Change gears appropriately (Stick Shift Only)

This is also applicable for manual transmission cars. Use correct gears at correct speeds, this will help save the fuel. For correct speeds, see your car’s user manual.

Tip 4: No Excuses to delay car service

Get the car serviced as per manufacturer’s recommended schedule. This will ensure good health of the engine, less maintenance due to break-down.

Tip 5: Do you drive in a dusty environment? Clean the Air-filter

If you drive in the dusty environment the air-filter gets filled with dust and makes the engine suffocated. Clean the air filter more often than the service schedule( say every 5000 KM or so), this will help the engine run easier and consume less fuel. Trust me, it’s going to really help.

Tip 6: Red-Signal Ahead? Put the feet away from accelerator

If you are sure that you got to stop after next 100 or 200 meters due to a red signal, keep your feet away from the accelerator and car will slow down on engine’s resistance, saving on fuel as well as the brake shoes, apply brakes only when about to stop. This is a great help to save that extra drop of fuel.

Tip 7: Air Pressure in Tires

Get the air pressure in tires up to the recommended pressure, and check it once at least in 15 days, it helps the car run smooth and drink less fuel.

Tip 8: Try to keep a constant max speed

When driving in a city or highway, try to maintain a constant speed, that will help the engine put less effort to accelerate or decelerate unnecessarily. This will help reduce fuel consumption.

Tip 9: Keep the window’s glass rolled up on highways

Driving with AC on and glasses rolled up will actually help the car move easily because when windows are open, the car faces more air drag due to cross ventilation through the car, thus consuming more fuel. So always try to keep windows rolled up especially when driving at high speeds.

Tip 10: Buy fuel during morning hours

Buying fuel during morning hours makes sense, because the fuel is a liquid and cools during night hours as temperature is low, and it becomes denser, so in night hours, you get more weight of fuel for same liters, so it’s like a bargain in fuel amount 🙂

Tip 11: Refuel your car when tank is close to half

This will help reduce the vapors formation in the tank, which moves out as you open the lid to refuel, thus saving some amount of fuel in the tank.

Tip 12: Clean up the crap from the boot-space

Remove any unnecessary luggage or stuff that you don’t need from backspace, that will let the car feel light and run easily on less fuel.

Save fuel, burn it less, save economy and environment both, for a greener and cleaner tomorrow.

Also, try to follow a car pool if you are traveling to office or college, that is fun to be with some friends and it reduces traveling boredom too 🙂

We hope you found these tips to increase your car mileage easy to follow. Do share it youHappy saving!