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Car Accidents – 10 Points To Remember

Why would you need some car accident advice? The answer is quite simple & straight. Remember the famous quote, “Prevention is Better than Cure?”  Meeting a car accident is one of the most horrible things that one could imagine. There are a good number of car accident advice listed below which would be of sure help in such circumstances.


Car Accident Advice & Tips

    1. Don’t leave the scene unless it’s a must
    2. Check injuries for everyone who traveled with you
    3. Call Emergency Medical help without any delay
    4. Also, make a call to the nearby Police to file a case
    5. Grab the following details from the other driver – Name, telephone number, address, make & model of the car, license registration number, colour of the car, insurance provider & the policy number. Take this as a serious car accident advice
    6. Do not admit guilty if you are not sure that you were the cause
    7. Do not abuse the other driver. Wait for the Police

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  1. Try to take pictures of the accident scene, vehicles involved in different angles. This would help the police to identify who was guilty
  2. Look around for witnesses
  3. Be straight & frank to the police officer. If you are found contradicting yourself, there are high chances that you will be charged – Another important car accident advice
  4. Make sure to collect all bills & receipts from the hospital and file them. You would need this to claim car accident insurance

Remember, in the UK you can enjoy the 100% compensation as the claim go under “no win, no fee” basis, and almost all the companies charge the other side. However, the amount of compensation is dependent on various factors such as:

  • Extent of physical injury or disability
  • Loss of income due to the accident
  • Disadvantages in the job market
  • Reasonable expenses incurred during injury period

Considering the compensation you can enjoy as mentioned above, you need to follow the car accident advice & tips, and if you think it’s necessary always have them handy!