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17 Year Old Car Insurance!

17 year old car insurance policies are costlier than the car insurance policies for those who are of older age. It’s because they have higher chances of accidents and hence the teenagers face a tough time to land on an insurance with decent offers & cheap cost.


Although, there are other easier ways for 17 year old car insurance policy to get approved easily at low costs.

A 17 year old teenager can enjoy the car insurance policy of his/her parents’ for his/her own car. This is legal and fine, but it must be proven that he/she is living with parents in the same home. Unless, he/she can be filed for Insurance forgery.

Here’s something that would help you to get a 17 year old car insurance policy at good discount. Maintain good grades at school. It would be counted that you’re responsible at school and the same would replicate in your real life. You can enjoy maximum of 25% discount from the insurance cost, by showing your good grades at school.

Your driving records will always speak for you. You can gain some good reputation with the insurance company by showing your records & experiences. Hence, you can expect some benefits from the company apart from the insurance policy for your car.

Besides all of them, the insurance cost is majorly dependant on the type of your car. Don’t expect low insurance cost for your flashy sports car. You must have a thick wallet to pay the insurance company if you are planning to get 17 year old car insurance for one such car. But for a safe model car like older model of Honda Civic or a Volvo, you can get insurance with as little trouble as possible.

As a teenager, you might find the precaution measures set by the insurance companies are unreasonable. Not really! These measures favour the company and the reasons are valid. Acquiring a 17 year old car insurance by following the precautions is highly legal & recommended.

10 Tips for Car Accident Compensation Claim

Car accident compensation claim is not only for the physical injuries involved in an auto accident, but also for the car repairs. Filing a car accident compensation claim is generally a slow & hectic process.


10 tips that helps for the car accident compensation claim

  1. Call the police immediately as soon as the accident occurred & do not leave the crime scene. Also, make a call to 911 and call for an ambulance
  2. You should not move your car unless it’s most necessary. This is because, only the original position of the car would help the police to identify who’s guilty for the accident
  3. Try to get insurance information from everyone involved in the car accident. This is not just for your car, also for the other one. You must get the registration information from the other driver too. If police handles all this for you, get a copy from him which includes his badge number, identity, etc.
  4. If you couldn’t get hold of the police after the accident, collect the following information: Insurance details of the other driver, license plate & registration number. If they make an attempt to flee the scene or refuse to share the information, note down their license plate number at least
  5. Do not involve in heated war of words with the other driver, at any cost. The police or law enforcement authority will handle that for you
  6. If you find any witnesses, get their information such as name, contact number & physical address. Witnesses help to determine the driver who is guilty for the accident
  7. Although you think that you were not injured during the accident, it is always advised to visit the nearby hospital as earlier as possible and run a general checkup. There are least chances that you could get some symptoms which will grow gradually and make things worse after a few months. File all the hospital bills, so that you can attach when filing a car accident compensation claim
  8. Notify your insurance provider about the accident in a timely manner to avoid chaos on a later date
  9. Take as many photos as possible of the vehicles involved in the accident and the surrounding area. Although your insurance provider will send a professional to take pictures, it is recommended to take some of your own. These photos will help the court to identify whose fault it was, for the accident
  10. If you found or suspect that the other driver has consumed alcohol or any other drugs, inform the police officer right away. In such cases, the other driver will have to undergo a sobriety test

Things you should know about Traffic Insurance

Do not miss any of the tips provided above and you will be all fine when filing a car accident compensation claim.

How to get CHEAP Motor Car INSURANCE Quote online?

If you are a regular web surfer, you probably would have came across lot of sites that offer cheap motor car insurance quotes, for both new & used cars. However, if you are a newbie or couldn’t locate a cheap insurance quote, you can follow the guidelines below to find the much affordable one for you.


Get Cheap Motor Car Insurance Quote TODAY!

Watch out for the Toll free numbers

Make sure you’re searching for the companies that are concentrating on car insurance offers online. This would help you to choose the offer that suits your needs. The best thing you can do once you land on the prompt  website is, look out for the 1-800 phone number and make a ring. You will be then asked to fill an online form with the information about your car such as mileage, condition and so on. You can easily get a cheap motor car insurance once you’re done with that.

Using Insurance Calculator

Another way, infact the simplest way to get your motor car insurance quote is to make use of the online insurance calculator that is available on lot of sites. All you have to do is to fill the details of your car such as make of the car, model, mileage so far, present condition of the car and similar details. Once you fill them all and submit the details, you will get the quote in no time.

17 Year Old Car Insurance Quote

Make sure that the car insurance calculator is set your country, and also used by the insurance companies in your region. There are a few online car insurance firms that have tie-up with the well-known car insurance companies that will contact you regarding the insurance cover. You can also pay a visit to the websites of those reputed companies for cheap motor car insurance and can enjoy some discount + bonus.

Compare the Quotes

Watch out for the Online Insurance Market. You can easily find the cheap motor insurance quotes by various reputed companies, along with the feedback, user rating & repayment policies. You can gain all these informaiton by just filling & submitting a request form.

It’s always the best thing to compare data instead of reading about a few and choosing one in random. You can also find a few comparison websites that have different information than the insurance calculator websites. Here, in these comparison websites you may find tabulated comparison which would ease your job of choosing the cheap motor car insurance quote for you!